Sitting in Service

Are you a family/carer and concerned about leaving a disabled, elderly or frail relative alone  whilst you attend to other essential matters such as medical appointments or shopping?

Do you find it difficult to maintain a good quality of life or require assistance attending appointments and meeting with friends?

Do you feel restricted by your age, health or disability and require some support in order to get out and enjoy life.

Life-line 4 U Sitting services aims to provide a focused, value for money service that is reliable and responsive to your needs and preferences, whilst fostering an atmosphere of care and support which both enables and encourages you to live as full, interesting and independent a lifestyle as possible. We recognise that you have a right to exercise as much control as possible over your own quality of life and will therefore encourage and support you to maintain as much independence as possible within the constraints of your medical and/or physical condition and within an agreed plan of care and support.